July 11, 2020

Fort Washington, PA

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October 11, 2020

Beth Or - Ambler, PA

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Be Respectful

Look, but dont touch (without permission, that is). No collector wants a well intentioned, but overly enthusiastic, show-goer smudging or scratching their beautiful paint job. 

Avoid wearing a lot of jewelry on your arms and hands. Rings, watches, and bracelets can easily scratch a car. It’s also possible to accidentally scratch a car with belt buckles, zippers, and buttons. 

Do not to eat or drink around the cars on display. No one wants to worry about sticky sodas or greasy, ketchup-laden burgers landing on or around their precious car. 

No Smoking! Cigarette smoke is a stubborn, difficult odor to remove from car upholstery. Aside from the odor, a stray hot ash could do serious damage to upholstery. 

Keep your pets at home!

Bikes, Skateboards and Strollers are a scary thing to see near someone’s pride and joy. Strollers are sometimes necessary but remember to keep them as far from display vehicles as possible. Bikes and Skateboards should be kept away from show vehicle areas. 

Keep an eye on your children. By all means, bring them with you and share the hobby with them, but teach them to be careful as they enjoy the thrill and atmosphere of attending a show. By following your example, they’ll soon grow to be conscientious enthusiasts themselves. 

Feel free to ask questions! People love to talk about their cars and you might catch an interesting story or tip. 

Don't start telling the owner what they did wrong or what you would have done different. It all goes back to the respect thing.