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I've spent some time with "people of note" in recent years.  People I admire and respect for thier talent, accomplishments, or pespective.  Here they are in no particular order.  

Steve Magnante, all=around car guy and 

commentator on Barrett-Jackson.  This is

us at his house in Mass discussing an earlier iteration of CarSmarts Radio.


Roger Penske. Need I say more?  Met him at Simeone and told him my Dad "worked with you back in the day." Much to my surprise, he remembered Bernie.


Emerson Fittapaldi, Indy legend.  Met him at Simeone and asked him about his 1989 Turbo Trans Am.  He still loves it!

Doug Demuro, YouTube superstar.  He came over and reviewed my Typhoon long before he had one million subscribers.  Now at 4.24 million.


Jerry Schilling, friend of Elvis, Memphis Mafia original.  I also spent time with Joe Esposito and DJ Fontana during my trips to Vegas with Shawn Klush.

adam carolla.jpg
bill bergey.jpg

Adam Carolla, car guy, comedian, politcal and social commentator, purveyor of common sense.  Quiet off-stage.

Bill Bergey, Eagles legend!  Growing up in Philadelphia, this linebacker was every kid's favorite!  #66  Met him at Patriot Chevy when the C8 was unveiled.

Steve and Dennis.JPG

Dennis Prager, radio host, philospher, author.  One of the great moral thinkers of our time. Been listening since 1986 in Los Angeles. (Yeah, he's tall)

SK vegas 2014.jpg

Shawn Klush, aforementioned.  The greatest Elvis tribute artist.  So many good times in Vegas and little ol' Pittston PA!  Me playing "bodyguard"

Spring2009 067.jpg

Frank Trejo (RIP), Kenpo Karate legend, he represents all teachers and mentors in an art I've enjoyed since 1995.  He was bigger than life.  

Michael Furman, photographer, Uncle Allen Brooks, 84 Corvette, Jim Dietrich (Steve Neubaur), Microcars

asb vette2.jpg
messer jim.jpg

My 1979 Trans Am in 1988 in Hollywood, Ca.  I worked at Lee's Hoagie House with this guy.  After we raced and he smoked me, he handed me the keys and said take it for a spin.  I was hooked and eventually bought a Grand National in 1992.

My father racing in a Holbert MG, circa 1956

Shooting the Kirban video in Bucks County, PA

With Doug Demuro shooting the GMC Typhoon Video.   

mcelroy pic.jpg

CarSmarts started life as a game show.  It's a fully developed and copywritten treatment available for acquisition.  Please contact us for more information.   

        Bill McElroy, Will and Cassie, Students from the Automotive Training Center

tom steve studio.jpg
greg and steve.jpg
mini peeps.jpg

Guests, L-R: Tom Oates, Patriot Chevy, Greg Berry,, Heather Siessel, Philly Mini and Michele Holwood, Mini Main Line.  Without Tom Oates, there may have never been a CarSmarts Radio!  He believed in the vision and stepped up.

Natalie Decker.jpg

        Natalie Decker, NASCAR driver (click image)

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