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The Cars of our 10/12 Guest, John
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Guests, L-R: Tom Oates, Patriot Chevy, Greg Berry, Municibid.com, Heather Siessel, Philly Mini and Michele Holwood, Mini Main Line

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 Steve Magnante                                                              Natalie Decker, NASCAR driver (click image)

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Guests: Michael Furman, photographer, Uncle Allen Brooks, 84 Corvette, Jim Dietrich (Steve Neubaur), Microcars

My father racing in a Holbert MG, circa 1956

Shooting the Kirban video in Bucks County, PA


My 1979 Trans Am in 1988 in Hollywood, Ca.  I worked at Lee's Hoagie House with this guy.  After we raced and he smoked me, he handed me the keys and said take it for a spin.  I was hooked and eventually bought a Grand National in 1992.

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With Doug Demuro shooting the GMC Typhoon Video.   

CarSmarts started life as a game show.  It's a fully developed and copywritten treatment available for acquisition.  Please contact us for more information.   

        Bill McElroy, Will and Cassie, Students from the Automotive Training Center